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Restaurant Upgrade 101: How to Remodel Your Restaurant for Increased Business

The restaurant industry is cut-throat, and staying ahead of the game is crucial. A well-executed restaurant remodel can be the key to attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and increasing revenue. But where do you start? In this blog, we'll provide you with some essential tips and tricks on how to upgrade your restaurant to make it more attractive and profitable for your business.


Why You Need to Remodel Your Restaurant

Sometimes, as much as you may love your interior as the proprietor of a restaurant, it may have become dated in the eyes of your customers. A timely remodeling job is the perfect solution to give your space a new character. 

7 Tips to consider when remodeling

1. Start With a Full Proof Plan

Start by exploring how different brands in the same industry have approached their remodeling and consider their successes and failures. 

Another things you need to do is collect feedback from your peers and customers, and staff on the areas which need improvement and even the ones that are perfect the way they are. You can also seek guidance from a brand management specialist who have experience in the dining industry. 

Another part of panning is planning the proposed design. Hire an architect and interior designer who will help you bring your ideas to life. You can use simple floor planning software like to portray your ideas to the professionals.  

2. Pair the Full Proof Plan With your Vision for the Restaurant

As much as pleasing your customer is important, don’t get lost in their feedback. Remember your initial vision for the restaurant and what you intended it to provide to consumers. As you plan for a contemporary design, retain elements like color and artwork that embody your desired character. For instance, if your establishment serves African cuisines, traditional Chinese lighting would feel out of place in the restaurant. Paintings of the African landscape or wildlife would fit much better.

3. Have a Clearly Set Up Budget

Restaurants are spaces that require a lot of equipment and furnishing. Without a budget, you may end up with a half-baked result. Take note of all things that need updating and then list them in order of priority. For example, new tables and chairs are more important than new paint for the kitchen. 

4. Choose the Right Set of Professionals to Handle the Process

A restaurant remodel is a multi-faceted job that needs different kind of professionals, from electricians and plumbers, to woodworkers and mold specialists. Make sure to choose contractors that are experienced and reputable, to prevent a regrettable outcome. 

Since there are many kinds of professionals on the jobs, proper planning is vital. You need to hire a general contractor to manage the whole process.

5. Prioritize the Critical Areas for Remodeling

Other areas that may need renovation might crop up during the remodeling process, which should have been included in the initial plan. In the midst of all this, it is crucial that you take care of the critical areas that were initially highlighted in the initial plan, and any other thing left out should be handled later if time and finances allow. This is because finances might fall short if you handle other areas not incorporated in the initial budget.

6. Ensure that You Check the Latest Trends in Remodeling

The food industry is quickly transitioning from a traditional eating space to a modern diet arena. If your last remodel was a while ago, it is crucial that you analyze the latest trends in the industry and include them in your remodeling plan. Just make sure to customize trends to your personal style so that you don’t end up with a basic, cookie-cutter restaurant with no soul. 

7. Let the World Know!

After spending a lot of time and finances in remodeling, your clients need to know that their favorite restaurant has a new look! Hop on your social media pages to share pictures and videos of your lovely new interior and revamped menu. Who knows? You can even extend your remodel to your online presence by re-doing your website and giving your social media pages a new theme. 

Key Areas to Focus on In A Restaurant Remodel

With so many areas of the restaurant that might need remodeling, it is essential to focus on the ones that will provide you and your customers the biggest return on investment. Some of these are:


Lighting is one of the most crucial elements for visual appeal in a restaurant. Lighting can be adjusted to create different moods in the room, such as dramatic or romantic. Keep the illumination warm, not-so-bright and comfortable to navigate through. Include task lights near each table to create an intimate connection between the restaurant and the customers.


Furnishings are among the first things a customer notes whenever they enter a restaurant. Correctly done and appropriate furnishings make the room look cohesive, leaving a positive impression in the customer’s mind. You can get brand new pieces or second-hand pieces that go well with the chosen theme of your remodel. 

Consider having a variety of table sizes that can accommodate the needs of different restaurant goers, that is, individuals, couples, families, and large groups. . Ensure that the furnishings match the mood and the tone that has been created by the lighting.

Floor Quality

Choose a flooring material that not only matches the room, but is also practical. A good restaurant floor should be able to withstand impact, high foot traffic, and spills for a reasonable period without damage. To prevent customer disturbance, also ensure that your chosen flooring is low maintenance. 

Consider how your choice of flooring blends with other elements like lighting, furnishing and paint color. 


Choosing the correct paint for your walls can is one of the most important decisions is a remodel since the wall provides the canvas for everything else in the restaurant. Wall paint also decides what ‘mood’ your restaurant give off and can affect your customers apatite. 

The decision to paint a certain color should be based on a keen analysis of the needs of the restaurant and the desired final outlook. For example, darker colors such as deep blue, brown and gray create a relaxed, romantic environment suitable for romantic dates. Bright and cheerful colors like cream, white and peach create a relaxed mood devoid of any stress. Therefore, pick a color while being aware of the nature and type of customers that visit your restaurant.


Technology systems are critical in the daily running of restaurant. From the database management system to social media and review software, any modern restaurant needs to invest in technology devices and expertise. 

Another side of restaurant tech is the security systems. CCTV cameras should also be installed to enhance your restaurant’s security and give your customers peace of mind.

Your Local Restaurant Renovation Expert

GRS Remodeling is a home to the best commercial remodeling experts, handling anything from superficial changes to full-on interior and exterior overhauls. When you work with us to remodel your restaurant, you can be sure of a safe and tasteful result, done to specification and perfection. 

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