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Project Management

Being a part of the construction industry means having an extensive set of opportunities for growth and expansion.

Our commercial buildouts, residential remodeling, and roofing expertise will facilitate your design capabilities and deliver an exceptional product. So, get in touch with our team and schedule a meeting to discuss how our project management services can support your strategic growth and vision.

What's included?

Guaranteed Enterprises’ construction project management services facilitate design or construction companies by completing part of the job.

We do get updates about the latest cost of raw materials and third-party services/ market trends. We use the design or information to prepare cost estimates and negotiate vendor prices. We have an extensive vendor network, and our business relations allow us to get premium products for affordable rates. Hence, working with us can help you optimize your costs.

Raw material cost is only part of the total cost of operations. Our team will distribute the project into phases and prepare a budget for each stage. Our budgeting plans keep relevant margins for discrepancies, so you won’t have to worry about overflowing expenses.'

Additionally, we will prepare a realistic timeline for phase completions and project delivery. This timeline will serve as a reference to monitor performance and project progress. We are committed to delivering efficient services without compromising quality and will ensure we meet your expectations.

Construction project management requires comprehensive resource management and coordination. It also requires secure handling of tasks and compliance abidance to protect health and safety needs. Guaranteed Enterprises teams will leverage their experience and knowledge to ensure ground operations run smoothly and without delays. We have a client-centric approach and are committed to showcasing the best performance and productivity levels.
Our teams will prepare periodic reports to keep you updated about project progress and cash flow. They will also prepare more detailed information after the end of each phase and explain any unprecedented concerns. The goal is to confirm if the project is progressing per the schedule or find solutions for the elements causing delays.
Guaranteed Enterprises prides itself on its work ethic, and our project management capabilities will help you experience it. Our teams are trained to be professional and diligent during the partnership and at the time of completion. They will prepare a project finalization report and deliver all necessary files, data, and details to your team.