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Meeting client's expectations.

This phase is integral to our building process as it helps us align the client’s vision within their budget. Our team reserves the expertise and experience to develop contingency plans that are feasible on site. If you exceed your allocated budget, we’ll help you consider more cost-effective options without compromising on the quality of the build.

Our preconstruction phase has an array of services that help point out any problems ahead of time. Issues arising at the time of construction can prove very costly for the investor, so we plan everything ahead of time. Guaranteed Enterprises adopts a collaborative approach in the preconstruction phase, ensuring the client is on-board with process costs and construction.

We understand that not all projects are started from scratch. We offer remodeling services, for which we offer an existing condition analysis. In remodeling construction projects, the current features of the building may impact its structural integrity. This will help us determine the nature of remodeling required, whether it’s a minor or major renovation or a complete remodel.
Guaranteed Enterprises adopts a client-centered approach throughout the construction process. Our creative team creates a 3D model to help you visualize what to expect. BIM will help us through the project's lifecycle, from coordination to operations. This also helps us identify any problem areas and mitigate the chances of error during the actual building process.
Cost estimates are integral to any construction project. This holds especially true for commercial projects, which are extensive involving a wide array of expenses. Instead of whipping up random and inaccurate cost estimates, we draw data from our wide database and past projects. This helps us create a realistic estimate within a reasonable budget.
Every construction process involves several steps and stages. As a result, there are many logistical considerations. As industry-leading construction management experts in the DFW-Metroplex and surrounding cities, we can manage and coordinate every aspect of the construction phase to ensure seamlessness.
There are multiple subcontractors working on a construction project. As general contractors, we are able to match the best man for the job, ensuring we stay within budget boundaries. We head the best bids that help get the job done without stretching your budget.